Bed bug control sydney Service

services_bannerThis is a real blood sucking vampire hiding under your bed and that gained it the name bed bug. It is found mostly in mattress, under sofa sets and unused wardrobes. They breed very fast and can easily spread all over the places with in 2 to 3 weeks. It is very hard to get rid of these. Their bites can be lethal and can cause reddish swelling and rashes.

Professional help should be taken just because the chemicals used in the removal process need special guidelines and failing that wont give proper results. Pest Control Sydney is the right person to contact. They come with their bed bug treatments and 100% result assurance.

How to get rid?

Inspection– First the site should be inspected properly and finding the exact nest of the bed bug. Sometimes the household pets also carry these pest with them and then it becomes quite hard to get rid of it.

Cleanliness– Now this is the most important part, as bed bugs are found mostly in bedding and dam places, regular vacuum cleaning should be done. This is very effective as the bed bugs do not get to lay their eggs. The dust from the vacuum should be tightly sealed and the disposed. Dam places should be cleaned and bedding should be washed in hot water.

Insecticides- There are many effective insecticides available which should be applied in the effective areas and must be repeated after a week to eliminate the bed bugs from its roots.