Domestic Service


When it is for the domestic area, our team have some special plans which involves both internal and external cleansing. For domestic areas, treatments should be done with extra care because the rate of damage is very high. No matter what the pest is, can be very annoying at times and should get rid of it as soon as possible. Call for help as the danger is in site, our experts will be available as soon as you call.

General treatment :

For this no need to leave the house and shift. General treatment involves most advanced insecticides which do not have any harmful effect on the family members or the pets.

Advanced treatments involve :

  • Termite control – inspection and treatment

  • Cockroach – treatment

  • Spider – treatment

  • Ants control – treatment

  • Rat and Mice – treatment

  • Possum removal

  • Bed bug control

The customer will decide which treatment is required for their house.

Precautions before treatment– Do not leave any clothes or food items outside, because the chemicals can effect it and if used later, then one can fall sick. During the treatment keep the windows and door closed for better results.

After treatment – After the treatment is over let the sprays or chemical dry and then open the door and windows so that the smell you can see after treatment the insects will eventually leave your house. Our team will make sure that your house is safe for at-least another 6 months and for that they will do some external treatments. They will spray outside walls and open gutters, so that the pest do not have any pathways left behind.