Rat control sydney Service

services_bannerIn a blink one can see something just ran in front of the eyes and in the next second look for it as much as you can but will not find it. These creatures are known for their speed and they are expert hiders. Yes it is our very own house rats and mice. They are of different sizes and colors. Rats and mice breed all around the year and their population can increase rapidly. They have a distinct habit of collecting food for winter and for that reason they eat almost everything they can. Their burrows can be a food storage house.

Problems :

Spread diseases – Rat and mice can carry many types of diseases which are transmissible to humans. Diseases like hantavirus and salmonellosis can be very dangerous. It is mostly spread by food which they lick.

Contaminating food – Rat and mice have a bad habit of contaminating food by disposing their urine or droppings. If humans come in contact with these infected food, stomach ache or vomiting will occur for sure.

Solutions :

1.The best treatment for rat and mice is to keep the house as clean as possible and checking the locked place atleast once a week.

2.If there is any site of the creature, one can use baby talc or powder to the corners of the house. This will make the floor slippery and they will change their roots of entering the house.

3. If one can find the burrow, quick drying cement can be applied which will stop them making further burrows nearby.

Rat control Sydney has some special ways of controlling their entrance. One of them is by setting up sticky traps in their pathways. Rodent baits are also used to control outside and inside rats.