Termite control sydney Service


The bad thing about having pest in your house is, before it comes into notice they have already spread and multiplied in hundreds. Getting rid of it at the right time is very much needed.

Termite Control – inspection and treatment

Termites can really put wrinkles on your forehead as they are very hard to get rid of and they cause a massive damage to furniture and all wooden products. Most of the time the anti termite paints fail to provide complete protection because of their lower quality. Termites are the most difficult to get rid of, as they multiply in massive numbers. So the right and the most effective treatment is required and Termite Control Sydney is the best in town.

Ways of treatment :

Dusting or Baiting is the first option. This process does not involve any chemical spraying. In baiting process, the baits are placed where the termites have been detected. Once the termites feed the bait they carry it with them to their colony and that helps in destroying it from the roots.

In dusting process the anti termite dust is puffed into the holes where the termites have infested. Gradually within 3 to 6 weeks the dust will spread all over the termite nest and will destroy the nest.

How to avoid termites :

1.Keep checking your wooden furniture

2.Always apply anti termite paint

3.At least once a year do a pest control check to avoid damage